Kristine L.

Yay! I just passed my State Exam! I recently left the corporate world and am a new small business owner with very little free time.

The team was very helpful from the very beginning. Not pushy, informative and easy to work with. I purchased the silver package .. I never attended any classes physically, while completing the courses. I would call in and do everything remotely- pretty seamless process.
I really enjoyed Piero. Not only is he knowledgeable but he has a good sense of humor and is not boring!! He is creative in his teaching technique which really “stuck” with me.

Additionally, I recommend the “crash course” – this was the only class I took in person. It is 100% worth it. If your interested in getting your license, I highly recommend this school!

Lisa M.

I was never so happy to have taken this course and passed my real estate exam on my first attempt! Enjoyed the classes and really found them easy to access and understand.  I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about Real Estate!

Nathan D.

Good course work and easy to access.  I was able to pass my real estate exam on the first try thanks to the preparation work they include.  I have to say, after taking their courses I was very happy with how well prepared I was for the exam.  The only thing I would have done different initially would have been opting for a paper book version instead of just online versions.  Reading through several hundred pages of a book on a computer is much less enjoyable than a proper paper book.

Francesca G.

I took the online classes in order to apply for the real estate state exam. I enjoyed the online format and I found that it was very easy to navigate. I live in LA and attended the online classes although the school is located in National City. I would recommend this school for your real estate classes.

The Jake Bush

This is a great course that anyone who is looking to get their CA Real Estate License should take. The content is great, and if you have any issues, the response back is very prompt. You cannot go wrong with School of Real Estate.

Lacey R.

I took this two day crash course the weekend before my test. Let me start by saying I passed! They gave a lot of great information in a very easy format. But I do have some feedback. The professor should have asked the students more questions to ensure we are understanding the material and for some involvement. The class was the same structure the whole time which made it extremely boring. Creating more involvement would have helped this a little. Overall, it was a pretty good experience!

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